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Ideas Of Usage

  AllMyNotes Organizer ideal for:

  • Capturing random information: note taking, diary, thoughts, ideas, letters, links, goals, events, famous quotes

  • Contact information: addresses, phones, call summary, chats. Many people believe that free-form format is better that traditional form-based - there is no limit at all. For some contacts single line of text is enough, and for others you can keep megabytes of dossier - whole branch of documents grouped in hierarchy of folders

  • Trip information: addresses, hotels, itinerary, car rental, electronic tickets, historic sites, landmarks, walking tours and restaurants

  • Financial information, bills, bank account information, track transactions, investments, taxes, access codes. Encrypt it all to feel safe!

  • Make notes on clients, keep notes on custom orders, customer comments, track client time, track sales leads, evaluate resumes, organize inventory, take telephone messages, make notes on major decisions

  • Password management and information about your web-accounts of any kind. Allow yourself to generate unique password for any web-site, save answers on complex secret questions, no need to keep everything in your mind! Keep instructions on software packages and activation codes.

  • Write books

  • Shopping: shopping list, prices, coupons, web-pages of online-stores with registration info, discounts and special offers

  • Health, food, and dieting, fitness strategy, recipes

  • Teachers can keep lectures, keep schedule, organize exercises, notes on students and decisions

  • Students can type lectures, quotes, keep schedule, do exercises and homework

  • Project planning

  • Make notes in courtrooms. Helps to do detective work.

  • Gift ideas

  • Bible quotes

  • Capture news, track articles in periodicals

  • Enter patient information. Store medical histories and techniques

  • TV programs: organize catalogue of favorite programs, schedule, reviews, keep dossier on favorite stars, capture interesting quotes

  • Catalogue your DVDs and music - keep list of your CDs and DVDs, lyrics

  • Sport: save results, championship dates, biography of your favorite players

  • Genealogy tree, family records

  • Kids: capture their achievements, funny cases, special dates and events

  • Domestic pets: feeding, vaccination schedule, articles and recommendations

  Search in all this heap of your private information instantly! All your data is stored in single file. Need privacy? Password-protect access to it!

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