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Outlining Tips

Creating good outline structures takes some practice. There are not many hard rules about how to structure outlines but the following ideas may be helpful. Some of the ideas below are intentionally vague.

• Don't make your outline too shallow. For example, if you outline has only two levels you are probably not taking good advantage of more levels of indentation.

• Don't make your outline too deep. If you have to go many many levels of indentation to get to the information you need you might be using too much nesting.

• Use categories (folder naming) that are invariant. For example, a Folder captioned "Clients" is likely to have a long life because you will continue to have clients for years.

• Pick a strategy. For example, you might want to classify by department: sales, accounting, marketing, etc. Or you might want to classify by customer or something else.

• Put things needing attention nearer to the top of the Outliner or the top of a Folder.

• Put reference items that do not need attention nearer the bottom of the Outliner.

• Learn the keyboard shortcuts so you can reorganize quickly.

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