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Import from TreeDBNotes

To import data from TreeDBNotes to AllMyNotes Organizer:

Here's a quick but yet not perfect solution that allows to import textual data from TreeDBNotes to AllMyNotes using one single batch:

First export data from TreeDBNotes:

1. Select the notes you want to export.

2. File -> Export Notes -> Combine and Export.

3. Select 'Title and Description' and 'dotted line'.

4. Save to a .txt file.

Using any text editor, do a search and replace on the 'dotted line' that replaces it with '=-=', then save the file

Import data in to AllMyNotes Organizer:

1. Use File -> Import, then select the file and import it.

That's it. You'll have to create the folders and move things where you want them, and fix any formatting lost, but it's better than doing things one at a time!

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