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Import from Lotus Notes

To import Contact from Lotus Notes to AllMyNotes Organizer:

1. In Lotus Notes use File -> Export Contacts menu item. Pick file name and press Export button.

2. Open exported .csv file with Excel (simply double-click on it).

3. In Excel delete empty columns, try to keep number of columns reasonable, to fit all of them to screen. You can either merge columns, either delete them entirely, see yourself which way looks better for you.

4. Select all table, Copy it co clipboard.

5. In AllMyNotes create new note to place your contacts.

6. Press Paste button. Voila! All your contacts are in AllMyNotes! In convenient table structure :)

As result you'll get contacts imported in to a Table, by the way, in AllMyNotes Organizer you can sort the table by any column by selecting whole column (use right-click pop-up menu).

Same method can be used for exporting other data types from Lotus Notes.

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