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This section explains how to solve problems you might encounter while using AllMyNotes Organizer

Common solutions

If the roblem is not related to a specific feature of AllMyNotes Organizer, try one of the methods listed below. Perform only steps you are comfortable with.



Close application

Close and reopen AllMyNotes Organizer.


Restart your computer.

Other apps

Close other applications temporarily.


Upgrade to the most current version. Minor upgrades can be downloaded at no charge at


Close AllMyNotes Organizer, locate and rename file named AllMyNotes.ini to AllMyNotes.ini.sav to reset all options. If this solves the problem, you may want to cut and paste sections of AllMyNotes.ini.sav back to AllMyNotes.ini to restore settings.


Reinstall AllMyNotes Organizer. (your data will be preserved). For a true reinstall, delete your non-data files before reinstalling.


Choose Start | Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Resource Meter and make sure resources are not running low (below around 15% free). If they are running low, close some applications or reboot your system.


Clean the operating environment using such tools as RegClean (available at, running a virus scanning utility, etc.


If you downloaded AllMyNotes Organizer, try downloading again or with a different web connection (such as from an co-worker's computer).


In Windows Control Panel, set Regional Settings to English United States.

System time

Make sure your system time and date are correct.


Install AllMyNotes Organizer on a different computer to see if the problem is related to AllMyNotes Organizer or the computer system.


If you have another application that has a function similar to the one you are having difficulty with, try that function in the other application to determine whether the problem is system-wide or isolated to AllMyNotes Organizer.


Problems relating to peripheral devices (printer, scanner, video, etc) can sometimes be resolved by going to the manufacturer's or vendor's web site and looking for updated drivers.


Make sure to install latest system and driver Updates.

Defensive measures

• For recurring problems, try to determine if the problem coincides with the use of any features of AllMyNotes Organizer or other software applications or system freezes caused by other applications or screen savers.

• If power failures are frequent, consider installing an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

• Increase the frequency with which you make backups. Configure automatic backing up settings in Tools | Options | Tools | Backup | Automatically backup storage file.

• Enable Tools | Options | Tools | Backup | Auto Save.

• When you close AllMyNotes Organizer and Windows, make sure the closing process completes.

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