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The Outliner

The Outliner is the main area located on the left side of the AllMyNotes Organizer screen. The Outliner shows a summary of your information in list or outline form. Some information is supplied to you in the Outliner when you install AllMyNotes Organizer. You use the Outliner to:

• Organize your information

• Select items for viewing

• See a quick overview of your data

• Create an outline

Each line in the Outliner shows an icon, indicating the type of information.

In the Outliner, to the right of each icon is a text heading or caption for the item. A quotation mark (") at the beginning of a caption indicates the caption was created from the first line of body text of the item. This is called a literal caption.

It is important to set the Outliner width according to your preference.

To set the width of the Outliner:

Drag the right edge of the Outliner to the right or left to increase or decrease its size.

'My Data' line

The first line of the Outliner shows root folder, initially it's called 'My Data'. This folder is the starting point for all your data. This file cannot be hidden because it must be selected to perform "group" operations that affect all your data. You can change the caption name. All information in the Outliner is indented below Overview. The Overview is analogous to the root directory of your hard disk, which also cannot be removed.

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