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    Organize everything with AllMyNotes Organizer. Random notes, ideas, passwords, contacts, you can even write books with it!

    AllMyNotes Organizer is a Document Management Software, with an unique built-in self-healing, totally stable, encrypted, and blazing fast database engine.

AllMyNotes Organizer - portable Document Management Software for Windows. Available in Deluxe and Lite editions :) What is AllMyNotes Organizer? Download AllMyNotes Organizer Buy AllMyNotes Organizer Today! AllMyNotes Organizer Screenshots AllMyNotes Organizer Screenshots

    AllMyNotes Organizer is a free-form personal data mgr, an outliner application for PC, using it you can keep not just documents, but also manage contacts, tasks, personal knowledge base, save secure diary, all your data is stored in the single, password-protected database, on your own PC, away from public clouds and third-party sites.

    Can you like the idea to entrust your banking data, access codes and your private records to someone else? The answer is obvious! By storing your data away from clouds on your very own disk you are ensuring your info private, you literally have your personal info in your hands. Say NO to cloud storage! No to privacy risks! Your password and private records should not reside on someone's server. With AllMyNotes Organizer you own Your data! Make yourself free from cloud service subscription fees! Make yourself dependent from Internet connectivity/speed issues, there is no more limit on stored data amount/size, put that all behind!

    We provide free and paid versions. Whatever edition you select, it will serve you well and faithfully by making every single bit of your personal information accessible right away, protecting your privacy, we sell no subscriptions, our idea - the app must be either inexpensive, or, totally free of charge, therefore even free version has a set of features. While the paid (Deluxe) version is inexpensive, we are not greedy, and we sell no subscriptions, once you've purchased the license, it will not expire, it's all yours!