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November 20, 2009 - 13 years ago - For immediate Release

Contact representative: David Novak

Company: Vladonai Software

E-mail: press@vladonai.com

AllMyNotes Organizer version 1.14

November 20, 2009 - 13 years ago, Vladonai Software announces Final Release of AllMyNotes Organizer 1.14 - multi-functional information manager app for Windows. Now there's no need to waste time searching in thousand of files - keep all your thoughts, ideas, planning, in one place, securely encrypted, suitable for keeping most sensible private information.

During September 25 - November 19 we had beta-testing stage of AllMyNotes Organizer. It was the period of hard work we were doing minor updates every 3-5 days - to ensure application safe and stable, fast and functional. Implemented new features, refinements, enhancements, added 12 localizations to various languages.

AllMyNotes Organizer ideal for

Clipping random data: note-taking, diary, thoughts, ideas, messages, links, record your objectives, events, famous cites

Contact management: addresses, phones, call summaries, chats.

• Trip information: locations, hotels, itineraries, car rental, electronic tickets, historic sites, landmarks, walking tours and eating places

Financial info: invoices, bank account information, track expenses, investments, taxes, access codes. Password-protect it all and feel safe!

Password keeping and information about your web-accounts of any kind.

Shopping: compile shopping list, grab prices, coupons, keep web-pages of online-stores with registration info, save discounts and special offers

Health, food, and dieting, fitness strategy, recipes

Teachers can record lectures, schedule, organize exercises, keep memos on students and your decisions on them

Students can type lectures, quotes, keep schedule, do exercises and homework

TV programs: organize catalogue of fav programs, schedule, save movie reviews, keep dossier on favorite stars, capture interesting quotes

Save news, track articles in periodicals

Do book-writing, save drafts of your writings

Catalogue your disks and music collection - keep list of your favourite CDs and DVDs, lyrics

Sport: save championship outcomes, dates and records, biographies of your favorite players

• Keep your Genealogy tree, family records

Kids: record their achievements, funny cases, happy moments, special milestones and events

Major features of AllMyNotes Organizer

• Functional and simple interface with skins and translated to number of languages (English, Spanish, French, Swedish, Korean, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Czech, Croatian, and more)

Advanced security: files are always encrypted on the hdd and can be password-protected;

• Advanced Global Search feature, for finding texts across one or all your records with various options;

• Assign Priorities, Icons, Checkboxes, protect from unwanted modification, and Color/Style effects;

Text editor with different text-formatting functions, automatic URL/e-mail hyper-linking, file attachments and pictures support;

• Import/Export from/to RTF, HTML, and TXT files;

• Many drag-and-drop features: Drag in files and folders, quickly reorder documents in the tree and even move them between folders etc.

• Includes Strong Password Generator utility to generate passwords of any complexity.

• All data is stored in to a single, encrypted, highly-preferment storage file. Which enables easy moving of data between computers, over the Internet or on a USB media.

• The app can be installed directly to a USB media and launched on other computers without even need to be installed there.

Pricing and Availability

AllMyNotes Organizer is available in Free and Deluxe editions. The Deluxe edition includes all advanced features and is available to buy online from www.vladonai.com and affiliates. Regular pricing for the Deluxe edition is $34 USD.

About Vladonai Software

We are a familial software company, established in 2009. The company goal is to create bright, functional, and simple in use apps for broad audience. For more information, please visit the company's site at https://www.vladonai.com

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E-mail: press@vladonai.com

Company website: https://www.vladonai.com

App page: https://www.vladonai.com/allmynotes-organizer-about

Download link: https://www.vladonai.com/allmynotes-organizer-download

Application screenshots: https://www.vladonai.com/allmynotes-organizer-screenshots

Compare editions: https://www.vladonai.com/allmynotes-organizer-compare-editions

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