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February 1, 2017 - 7 years ago - For immediate Release

Contact: David Novak

Company: Vladonai Software

E-mail: press@vladonai.com

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 3 - Oficially Released!

February 1, 2017 - 7 years ago, Vladonai Software announces official release of AllMyNotes Organizer version 3!

Currently released version 3.16 puts an end to long beta-testing period of version, and makes new features implemented in version 3 available to wide publicity.

AllMyNotes Organizer provides functionality no other software in the class can do, particularly, we are proud of our unique self-healing database engine, which makes the program not only highly reliable, but also incredibly fast (almost instant) program startup time and performance, no matter how much data is entered in it, also it keeps data securely encrypted on the disk, so not a trace of private/sensible data can remain on disk.

Major features of version 3:

    • In-text Calculator. For example, you can type "2+2=" and it will put 4 automatically.

    • Smooth text/lists scrolling.

    • +7-8 skin themes.

    • New menu icons.

    • Multi-selection in left-hand side hierarchy Tree View.

    • The Format Painter.

    • AutoCorrect feature. For example, if you type "(c)", it will be corrected to ©

    • Printing is available in Free edition (with minor watermarks).

    • Numerous minor improvements.

After version 3 official release we've scheduled other new features to be added to version 3, so the list of version 3 features will be even extended over time.

Prices and Availability

AllMyNotes Organizer is represented in Deluxe and Free editions for Windows. The Deluxe edition has advanced features available for purchasing from our on-line store www.vladonai.com, by the way, since recently we've started to accept Bitcoin/Altcoin payments for Deluxe edition! Deluxe edition costs $34 USD. In addition to that, also Portable version is available for everyone who want to keep AllMyNotes Organizer on removable USB device, and launch it on any computer without installing it there.

About Vladonai Software

We are a familial software company, established back in 2009. The company goal is to create bright, functional, and easy in use applications for broad audience. For more information, please visit the company's site at https://www.vladonai.com

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E-mail: press@vladonai.com

Company web-site: https://www.vladonai.com

App page: https://www.vladonai.com/allmynotes-organizer-about

Download link: https://www.vladonai.com/allmynotes-organizer-download

Application screenshots: https://www.vladonai.com/allmynotes-organizer-screenshots

Compare editions: https://www.vladonai.com/allmynotes-organizer-compare-editions

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