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Wouldn't it be perfect if we could take home any sort of goods and try them out before deciding if we wanted to pay for and keep them? That's exactly what we do for you with our free trial software downloads.

Our software is available for evaluation at no cost to the end user, ie everyone is entitled to download and evaluate a trial copy of the software before purchase.

All of the software programs available on our web site are fully functional for a generous evaluation period without any commitment or obligation from you. We want you to install our software and see how convenient it is to setup and use. We very rarely get refund requests because you only pay for our software after you've made the decision that it meets your needs and works as expected for you.

Given this free trial once this item has been purchased and the unlock code has been given to the customer it would be difficult to imagine the circumstances where a customer could claim that the product does not satisfy an end users needs.

As such we have a fairly strict refund policy.

The following are not considered as reasonable grounds for requesting a refund:

  • Because a customer "changed their mind" after ordering - please confirm your need or want for our product using the free trial.

  • The computer hardware that the software was purchased for is unsuitable - please confirm the suitably of your computer using the free use trial version.

We respect our customers and pride ourselves on doing business fairly that is why we provide a free use trial on our software, the free trial use is your opportunity to determine if our product meets your needs, please respect our position in this, no company can be fairer that to provide a free trial version for your evaluation.

If you've accidentally ordered our software twice, contact us and we'll refund your extra purchase immediately!

If you have any questions about our refund policy please ask before ordering.

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