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  What's new in Version 1.02, build 112 Beta 

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 1.02, build 112 Beta

Release date: September 30, 2009

• Implemented Check For Updates feature. Availbe via Help -> Check for Updates menu item, and background check for updates upon program startup is performed is configured to do so in preferences (turned on by default).

• Added web-links to help menu.

• Minor improvements in Holy Crown skin (default skin): menu icons are more prominent, new look of checkboxes and radio buttons.

• Fixed bug with launching more than single instance. A message warning that file has incompateible format was appearing, which is false, just file was exclusively locked by first app instance.

• Fixed bug with tooltips on hyperlink controls - these where either wrongly positions, or even missing.

• Fixed error with initial window position of some windows/dialogs (for example: Global Search, File Properties, e.g.).

• Fixed issue in Rich Text edit control - upon pressing enter key in the end of the line, all text formating was back to default for new text line.

• We've switched to another installer system - Install Creator Pro, initlaly it was Nullsoft Installer.


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