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  What's new in Version 1.05, build 120 Beta 

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 1.05, build 120 Beta

Release date: October 13, 2009

• Added Help documentation, with all major topics covered - outlining concepts, how-tos, ideas of usage, keyboard shortcuts, troubleshooting, etc...

• Added Import and Export menu items to main menu, and Export menu item to Note pop-up menu in Folder view. Import works for .txt and .rtf files, and export support .rtf, .html, and .txt files

• Added Ukrainian language translation, which makes AllMyNotes available in 4 languages - English, French, Russian, and now Ukrainian

Improved usability of Global Search, Find, and Replace features - if cursor is on Rich Text editor and some text is selected, that text is being passed to Find line

Default font in rich-text edit control is set to Segoe UI (previously it was Tahoma)

• Fixed error with opening hyperlinks by Ctrl+click, it wasn't working if to click on domain name, now all hyperlink are clickable


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