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What's new in Version 1.06, build 121 Beta

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 1.06, build 121 Beta

Release date: October 16, 2009 - 15 years ago

• Implemented "Recently used Fonts" feature in Rich-Text edit control. Up to 7 recently used fonts are listed in the list of fonts when selecting new font name.

• Implemented "Recent Files" features, to allow quick access to recently accessed files. Up to 16 recent files cane be quickly accessed via File->Recent Files menu. As it's useful to have separate data file on USB stick, this feature targeted primary for this particular case.

• Implemented Data and Time stamping feature in all edit controls. Available via main menu Edit->Insert, assigned keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+D (date) and Ctrl+M (time).

• Added Find Next menu item to Edit menu, shortcut key - F3.

• Improved licensing system behavior, for example, upon entering valid activation code trial expiration warning dialog is closed automatically, also made some more usability enhancements to make user input navigation easier in licensing/activation dialogs.

• Fixed issue when on importing from RTF file and pasting RTF text from clipboard, coloring of text was incorrect in some rare occasions.

• Few additional small application improvements and corrections.

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