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What's new in Version 1.11, build 140 Beta

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 1.11, build 140 Beta

Release date: November 6, 2009 - 15 years ago

• Added "Strong Password Generator" feature which allows to generate any amount of strong password and insert it in to the edited text, or, to copy it to clipboard. Available number of options - what kind of characters to include, password length, evaluation of password strength, number of passwords to generate. Available via main menu bar -> Tools -> Strong Password Generator.

• Added Insert Image feature. Available via Edit -> Insert -> Picture menu item. Currently it allows to import .bmp files. Soon we'll extend number of supported file formats.

• Extended Rich Text toolbar to include following commands: Stamp Date, Stamp Time, Insert File Attachment, Insert Picture.

• Added option to customize left mouse click on the system Tray icon behavior.

• Now it's possible to Drag & Drop Images, or fragments of Images, from image painting programs using Drag & Drop feature in the Rich Text editor. Works for all Image editors and other apps that support DIB image exchange format (example: Photoshop).

• Fixed pasting of images capture using PrintScreen button - on some systems pictures were some pixels corrupted, or whole image was shifted right at 3 pixels.

• Fixed error in Password Authentication dialog box - Cancel button was acting as if New File button was pressed.

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