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  What's new in Version 1.15, build 148 - <strong>Release</strong> 

    AllMyNotes Organizer Version 1.15, build 148 - Release

    Release date: November 26, 2009 - 12 years ago

• Added Italian language translation! Many thanks to Alberto Polizzano.

• Feature enhancement: Images can be resized in Rich Text edit control. Restore to original size is implemented using right-click pop-up menu.

• Added two new keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl+N and Ctrl+Shift+N - to create New Note and New Folder respectively;

• Revised English strings by, about 30 corrections where made. Thanks to Ken Kalish;

Fixed issue with Delete, Item Info, Copy, and Cut toolbar buttons and main menu items, it was working only for Tree view - even when in Folder view it was in focus, it was redirected to Tree view, which was not correct behavior;


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