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  What's new in Version 1.34 

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 1.34

Release date: July 29, 2010

System Tray tootlip now includes currently opened file path. This is useful to know when multiple instances of AllMyNotes are running simultaneously.

• Added Unicode Rtf support on copying data to the clipboard, also, on exporting from AllMyNotes to the .rtf file format, which ensures better compatibility with third-party apps for some locales.

• Fixed error with pasting some locale texts from AbiWord app, for instance, there was an issue with pasting Korean and Greek characters.

• Fixed Major security issue with removing Icon from a Folder. In some cases random password could be assigned and access to that folder was restricted. This new build fixes this problem completely - even if your data is already locked, just upgrade to this or newer AllMyNotes version, and the access to your data will be automatically safely recovered. Also, correctly assigned access restrictions will remain, so your private data is safe from prying eyes.


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