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What's new in Version 2.20

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.20

Release date: September 9, 2010 - 14 years ago

• New feature: Multiple Alarm Objects can be inserted in to the Note text. Accessible via Edit->Insert->Alarm. Available same functionality as in Alarms that can be assigned to Folders/Notes in hierarchy - alarm can be repeating (daily, weekly, monthly by date or by day, and annual). Usage example: for keep list of birthdays in to the single note, e.g.

• Updated Korean localization to include all recent strings. Many thanks to Kim Yongjae for his availability to help.

• Improved Checkbox-in-text functionality: now on pasting text containing Checkbox to third-party app the checkbox is displayed there too. Same fix done on exporting text containing checkboxes to HTML, RTF, and plain (unformatted) text formats.

• Improved handling of bulleted lists to treat Checkboxes as bullets. In other words, if line starts from Checkbox, and to press Enter, new line is created with Checkbox character in the beginning.

• Improved Reminders window behavior, now: (1) on minimizing main app window it doesn't disappear, (2) when AllMyNotes is inactive and new alarm goes off Reminders window pops-up on top of all other windows, (3) alarm Sound is played (yet there is no option to choose alarm sound, it will be available soon).

• Fixed error in copy-paste feature. If to copy whole text line, it was actually placed to clipboard as two lines (exactly same duplicates).

• Fixed error with dismissing Alarms - in some cases there were returning back to Reminders window in about 10-15 minutes after dismissing.

• Fixed issue with displaying Alarms long after alarm time on some systems.

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