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What's new in Version 2.29

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.29

Release date: November 22, 2010 - 14 years ago

Icons (ex: smiles) can be inserted directly in to the Text. It can be done very quickly with just few clicks, same as it can be done for any tree item. To insert an icon use Edit -> Insert -> Icon menu item.

• Improved main program Icon. 16x16 icon remains the same, while 32x32 and higher variations are now different (looks like letter 'A' on yellow background). New icon looks better on Windows Vista and 7 as it has resolution up to 256x256 pixels, and also it looks better on Windows 2000 - now we are using new icon editor, which fixes incorrect icon appearance if not all recent Service Packs were installed.

• Added Insert menu item in to the right-click pop-up menu in text editor. Same options as in Edit -> Insert menu item is now added there to make them even easier to reach. For example, this menu item can be used to quickly insert Icons, Images, File Attachments, hyperlinks, e.g.

• Fixed automatic URL recognition to properly recognize accented characters.

• Fixed major bug with pasting text in to third-party programs, particularly, frequently when pasting text that containing hyperlinks (URLs) in to Outlook Express, nothing was pasted.

• Fixed File -> Exit menu item and system tray Exit menu item behavior when app was configured to hide in to the system tray - it was working only when app was hidden to the Tray, and when it was shown it was needed to select Exit command twice.

• Fixed few minor font formatting issues. Particularly, font size wasn't applied to empty line when it was one of select lines, whereas it applied properly to lines that contained at least one character.

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