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What's new in Version 2.31

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.31

Release date: December 15, 2010 - 14 years ago

• Updated German localization to include recently added strings. Many thanks to Daniel Prather for his help.

• Updated Greek translation to include recently added strings. Muchly thanks to Panagiotis Loukas for his help.

• Updated Polish localization to include recently added strings. Muchly thanks to Sebastian Pieczycski for his help.

• Updated Russian translation to include recently added strings.

• Updated Ukrainian translation to include recently added strings.

• Added Default Font Color setting, which is influencing to every new document creation. Available via Options -> Defaults screen, see Font Color. If Auto color is selected, then used default color from current Skin Theme. Note: Auto color also means that on changing color theme text color may change accordingly (it's really convenient when you are switching between normal and inverted colors).

• Added keyboard shortcuts to delete whole word before/after cursor position - Ctrl+Backspace, and Ctrl+Del respectively.

• Added new color theme: "Holy Crown - Green". Now you can use AllMyNotes even in forests ;)

• Significantly improved Boolean Search feature. Now you can use double-quotes to search for exact combination of words. Also, if certain keyword has no - sign it will be treated as such that _must_ exist in searched document (previously it was treated as such that _may_ exist).

• Changed default state of main toolbar. Now Delete button is not displayed by default, and instead of it is shown Rename button, as this button is more demanded. Also, bit changes look of Delete button in Holy Crown skin (default one).

• Added Toolbar buttons to insert Alarms and Tables (available in Deluxe version only).

Greatly improved Tables feature, which is currently in Beta-testing stage: (1) now you can resize columns and whole table size; (2) Table pasting from third-party programs, like Word, Excel, or IE, works much, much better, (3) many minor fixes and improvements.

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