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What's new in Version 2.33

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.33

Release date: January 18, 2011 - 13 years ago

• Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation to include all recent strings. Many thanks to Gilmar J. Aleixo for his prompt availability to help.

• Implemented Snap functionality!!! Same as in Windows 7 Aero, except that it works in all other Windows versions! Windows can be attached to top, left, and right screen border using Drag & Drop, or, using Win+Up (maximize), Win+Left (align to left screen border), Win+Right (align to right screen border), and Win+Down (minimize window). The feature works for all resizable windows (Global Search, man window, e.g.).

• Implemented possibility to remove URL underline effect from incorrectly recognized URLs. To do do it simply perform Shift+Alt+Click with left mouse button on incorrect recognized URL.

• Implemented basic HTML import, available via File -> Import menu item. Yet only basic html tags are supported, soon we'll enhance it.

• Implemented basic HTML clipboard support, which allows placing formatted text from third-party programs that do not support RTF format (such as Chrome). As HTML parser is simple (yet), we give priority to RTF, if available, as it supports more text formatting features so far.

• Improved file access error handling on launching AllMyNotes. If data file cannot be opened than special dialog box with option to create new file, or open another file shows up. Previously the only option was give is to create new file.

• Fixed bug with Alt+F4 key handling to close current window - it was calling SpellChecker instead (which is supposed to be called by F4, Alt state was ignored).

• Fixed error with pasting images from clapboard - sometimes images had wrong transparency information, and, as result, were partially transparent or all blank. If you already have such image pasted you can easily make it visible by copying it to MS-Paint, and than back to AllMyNotes.

• Fixed issue with checkbox being unchecked on hitting enter on it (to create new line).

• Fixed error with repainting screen on maximizing window (particularly, text in edit control was re-painted with delay).

• Fixed pasting '{' and '}' characters from Google Talk and some other programs. After pasting these characters were stripped from the text.

• Fixed bug with automatic highlighting of all matches in the text after pressing Filter or Go To Item buttons in Global Search window (previously highlighting was working for search within text only).

• Fixed issue with restoring selection in hierarchy tree after program restart (was introduced in last version 2.32)

• This build includes Tables feature, which is currently in Beta-testing stage, and all improvements related to Tables. Particularly, Implemented whole Row/Column deletion from Tables (note: Tables support is still under development). To delete row/column simply select whole row/column and press Del or Backspace key. Also, to select whole column/row it's enough to click on first cell in it.

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