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What's new in Version 2.37

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.37

Release date: March 1, 2011 - 13 years ago

• Improved GIF files support. Previously we were using Windows API, which was not working well for transparency and sometimes palette was wrong. From now on, all GIF pictures will be displayed correctly.

• Improved images support for such browsers as Firefox and Google Chrome, previously not all images could be pasted from there with text. Note: if you still cannot paste images from internet please check your firewall settings and make sure that it can access Internet on port 80 (standard HTTP protocol, which is used for transferring images).

• Implemented HTML images import (previously images could be imported only from RTF files or as individual GIF, PNG, JPEG, or BMP file).

• Implemented Table Cell Properties dialog box. You can specify cell frame color, and cell background color. Works for individual cells, and for cell ranges. To access it right-click cell/cells range, and from appeared pop-up menu select "Table Cells Properties..." item.

• Improved table cells background coloring - implemented nice glass-effect.

• Improved Voucher activation from AllMyNotes app. The voucher has to be converted to the license on our web-site, and frequently users don't see any difference between Voucher and Activation Code, and entering voucher code instead of activation code, so now AllMyNotes clearly explains how to get the activation code.

• Improved table printout, now it should work for all kind of tables, including these which have very complex structure (merged cells that breaking by pages).

• Table row can be deleted by Del and backspace buttons if selected cell has no text inside and table has single column (in this case it's impossible to select whole row).

• Fixed error in Table properties window - columns number field were used for rows too.

• Fixed issue with merging table cells in case when whole table column(s) were selected.

Fixed crash on printing tables.

• Fixed export to RTF (when text contained tables) - some third-party programs were alerting about table structure.

• Fixed issue with right-click on table frame.

• Some additional small app improvements and fixes related to Tables.

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