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What's new in Version 2.40

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.40

Release date: April 20, 2011 - 13 years ago

• Improved images handling. Now all images are saved in compressed format, we are using PNG compression to reach good compression ratio and preserve high picture quality. As result, data file data file will be much smaller if you have lots of graphics. Note: existing images will be recompressed on saving data editing, in other words, this process will be not immediate, but will depend on data edition by user, to make it totally seamless. Also, we've cared about backward compatibility with all older .ddb file versions, compressed image is converted in to a PNG file attachment, so on older AllMyNotes versions the image will be displayed as a .png file attachment.

• Improved/optimized attachments and images handling to manage memory more efficiently, now many operations related to attachments are much faster (for example, adding multiple attachments per single operation).

Improved pasting HTML texts, particularly, from Chrome - many new tags and formatting options are added.

• Extended Drag & Drop to support HTML, previously Drag & Drop in HTML format was working on dragging data from AllMyNotes, now it works also for dropping data from other programs in to AllMyNotes, for example from Chrome to AllMyNotes.

• Improved exporting from HTML format - added support for CSS styles. Currently most of program export formatting in tag styles rather than regular HTML tags.

• Improved background text coloring and selection appearance. Adjusted sizes for better appearance, added color missing effect when background coloring is selected - background color and selection coloring are mixing, which makes it look very naturally.

• Disabled glass effect in table background coloring by user requests. Thought it still can be enabled manually by editing skininfo.ini file, soon we'll add an UI option to enable/disable this effect, cause apparently it's matter of personal taste.

• Added possibility to insert columns/rows under/before currently selected column/row in to a table. The feature is available through keyboard shortcuts.

• A number of new keyboard shortcuts added: to sort text, to insert alarm, to insert checkbox, to insert table and rows/columns in to a table. Also added some more alternative keyboard shortcuts to duplicate existing ones.

• Fixed issue with deleting multi-line text from table cells.

• Fixed error with double-click on first cell in row/column - now whole row gets selected only where there was no text/checkbox/alarm under the mouse pointer, cause otherwise it was impossible to do some operations, like checking/un-checking a checkbox.

• Fixed "side to side configuration" issue error happening on same rare machines.

• Fixed issue with black background elements on some controls (was visible in Alarm edit dialog -> Calendar Date picker control).

• Fixed error with undo/redo on image resizing - image resizing wasn't recorded in undo/redo, therefore it wasn't possible to restore previous picture size.

• Lots of additional tiny refinements and fixes to enhance your note-taking experience. Especially in the RichText editor.

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