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What's new in Version 2.46

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.46

Release date: July 6, 2011 - 13 years ago

• Introduced brand new HTML engine - for better import/export and clipboard support. These days HTML is the most widely supported data exchange format for majority clipboard operations and web-clipping! Now, we are switching from RTF to HTML (RTF is still supported using Edit -> Paste Special) for better web-clipping experience. Now you will be able to grab tables and images, as well as text formatting with better precision and quality. This change means much better support of web-clipping using Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, as well as many other applications, including MS-Office.

• Improved HTML/clipboard support to import/export/copy/paste Checkboxes from/to other programs, like MS-Word, works for all browsers too.

Attachment files that have no file extension are detected by binary file signature. This allows to correctly display picture preview. This case covers the case when picture is clipped from web-site which has images without file type specified (as appears, it's pretty widespread issue - many forums and CMS-based systems strip file extension). Even more - now we are rely on file format detection more than on file extension itself, cause sometimes GIF files had JPG extension, and this case seems to be common case too.

• Optimized image painting performance. Previously, when you had one or more huge image(s) in a document, text editor could become sluggish. The reason was in scaling images each time on refreshing the screen, in case if image size was 20.000 x 30.000, it was huge work to do. Now thumbnails for all big images are made, this way app performance is increased up to x100 on displaying huge images!

Improved memory management and error handling when dealing with big file attachments, thanks to this optimization reduced chances of crash on allocating big memory chunks on computer with low memory.

• Added support of hyperlinks to local folders, now these are supported, just as hyperlinks to local files.

• Better screen DPI respect for all fonts in the UI - menu bar, hints, buttons, labels, everything. This can be useful for persons with weak eyes, and these who need to increase screen DPI due to high screen resolution and small physical screen size.

Fixed issue when two tables with complex structure could visually partial or completely overlap each-other.

Fixed issue with font size mismatch on copy/pasting data from/to other apps. In Font size could differ at 25%, due to error in logical point size calculation. As side-effect on this fix, previously entered text may look bit bigger effectively from this app version, hope it's not a big deal to fix them by selecting a text and pressing Decrease Font size button.

• Fixed error with clicking on checkbox, sometimes it could lead to making selection from old cursor pos to checkbox - not a big deal, but was strange to see it.

• Other improvements and fixes.

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