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What's new in Version 2.47

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.47

Release date: July 28, 2011 - 13 years ago

• Rich Text Editor optimized for speed. Greatly optimized. We've carefully analyzed all pieces of code that lead to screen refresh slowness, and improved it. Number of optimizations is really big, and text editor now displays text x5-30 times faster!!! Most of all improved performance of complex and big tables, and Asian (particularly Chinese and Korean) texts.

• Extended Global Search to search in attachment names. Note: this feature works for attachments created using version 2.47, also it will work if document to which attachment is attached was edited using version 2.47 or above.

• Updated Simplified Chinese language file to include all recently added strings. Muchly thanks to Lkou (Lu Lin) for this effort!

• Added support of fonts others than .ttf, particularly - OFT fonts

• Added PNG images support on pasting clipboard content in RTF format - for better compatibility with third-party software, like InfoWonder.

Improved font selection menu - now it's easier to select font which is names similarly to one which is placed in the top of the list (in the frequently used group), cause now frequently used fonts group is skipped.

• Now we are free from MFC .dlls dependency, which makes installer ~700Kb smaller, and eliminates side-by-side configuration issue specific to some systems.

• A little bit improved toolbar buttons look in "Holy Crown" skin (default one) in highlighted and pressed state.

• Fixed error with Chinese Sougou input method - it was working for most of the cases, but sometimes disappearing when switching between windows.

• Fixed bug with Korean input IME indicator position.

• Fixed minor glitch with clicking on right part of char previous to checkbox - it was triggering the checkbox instead of placing cursor before checkbox.

• Fixed error with too big font sizes on printout - introduced in previous version 2.46, on paper all fonts were ~30% bigger than it appeared on a screen.

• Fixed bug with incorrect Enter Activation code window size.

• Few other small refinements and fixes.

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