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  What's new in Version 2.48 

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.48

Release date: August 12, 2011

• Implemented Import from Evernote - using Evernote Export files (*.enex). Now we can import all text formatting and elements - including images, file attachments, and checkboxes.

• Improved clipboard compatibility with Evernote - now images and checkboxes are pasted correctly.

URLs behind text (captured from the web) is correctly supported by AllMyNotes now. You can double-click to open such URL in browser, and to remove URL use Alt+Shift+left mouse click combination. In next version we'll provide UI for editing and creating such hyperlinks. Stay tuned.

• Improved automatic URL recognition - now it's more accurate, able to recognize more complex URLs, and with even less false-positives.

• Improved Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages support - improved word wrapping in text editors and printout, word selection by double-click, and some other things where updates to respect locale text reading rules better.

• Updated manual to include operations on Tables (create, merge/split cells, insert rows/columns, sorting), also described step-by-step manual how to export data from Evernote.

• Fixed crash when deleting big piece of text, it was happening in documents with multiple tables inside and when within selection was at least one table.

• Fixed bug with undo/redo table columns resizing - table text where repainted incorrectly sometimes.

• Fixed issue with Ctrl+left shortcut key in text editor, in some case the cursor was bypassing right position.

• Fixed minor issue with edit controls content refresh after switching from other windows. Was most noticeable when switching from Folder to Note by double-clicking on Note in the Folder view.

• Couple of more tiny application updates and fixes to enhance your notesaving experience.


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