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What's new in Version 2.49

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.49

Release date: August 30, 2011 - 12 years ago

• Added Serbian translation :) Muchly thanks to Milos Petrovic for this effort!

Improved automatic URL/Phones recognition, particularly better recognized URLs with punctuation in the end (commands, dots, semicolons). Also fixed recognition of some URLs that have complex path/parameters structure.

• Improved HTML parser to support characters codes specified with HTML number, for example, string "{" is used to encode an apostrophe.

• Fixed issue with exporting images and file attachments from Evernote. The issue was specific to many notes that had numerous graphics inside.

• Fixed issue with painting 8-bit images - palette colors sometimes were wrong for png and gif images.

• Fixed app behavior on deleting items to recycle bin - in some cases it was still highlighted in the recycle bin, while correct behavior would be to highlight item which was visible at once after deleted item.

• Fixed bug with Text Editor screen refresh. It was happening when tree view was in focus and window over text editor was closed - frequently old window content was remaining over text, so was needed to click on text editor - not critical, but kind of annoying.

• Couple of more minor app updates and fixes to enhance your note-keeping experience.

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