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AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.50

Release date: September 28, 2011

• New feature: a Hyperlink Editor. Now you can hide hyperlinks behind a text. Under hyperlink we mean not only URLs, but also Phones, links to other Notes/Folders, links to local files, and e-mails. The editor can also be used for editing hyperlinks pasted from the web. To insert hyperlink which is hidden behind the text use Edit -> Insert -> Hyperlink menu item. To launch/dial hyperlink do Ctrl+Left mouse button click. To edit hyperlink use Alt+Left mouse button click, or right-click on it and choose "Edit Hyperlink..." from appeared pop-up menu. At a same time, automatic hyperlinking works same as before, and in addition to that you can edit such automatically recognized hyperlinks using the Hyperlink Editor. To remove hyperlink press Ctrl+Alt+Shift keys, and do Left mouse click on a hyperlink - same as before, just a reminder :) To hyperlink already existing text just select it (selection must be within same text line), and use Edit -> Insert -> Hyperlink menu item.

• Implemented import from CSV spreadsheet files. Available via File -> Import menu item.

• Added menu item Skins to main menu bar -> Tools sub-menu. It appears to us that too few users are aware that we have skin/themes, therefore we've made it easier to find and switch skins, cause previously was needed to go through Options screen.

• Updated manual to include information how to: (1) import data from Info Select, (2) Import data from Lotus Notes.

• Updated Turkish translation - added all recently added strings, and revised old strings. Many thanks to Batur Turabim for this contribution!

• Updated Russian and Ukrainian language modules to include all newly added strings.

• Fixed error with copying Alarm object - it was possible to copy alarm object if to select at least one character before/after it, otherwise it wasn't placed in the clipboard.

• Fixed error with importing =-= delimited text from Info Select - we've implemented import from tab-delimited format recently, and as side effect =-= wasn't working as expected. Now both formats are correctly supported on importing from Info Select.

• Fixed error on Importing data from other programs using File -> Import menu item. Due to memory leak in importing routines the app could crash after importing ~1000 documents.

• Fixed minor issue with pasting colored text in MS-Word, some colors where not transferred, the problem was specific to HTML clipboard format only and was happening for certain light colors.


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