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What's new in Version 2.51

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.51

Release date: October 18, 2011 - 13 years ago

• Totally re-translated Japanese translation. Muchly thanks to Manabu Noguchi for this! Japanese languages was the only which was done using machine translation, and now, thanks to this update, we can say that all our translations are done by humans :)

• Updated and revised Brazilian localization to include all recently introduced strings and corrected many already translated strings. Many thanks to Milton Chaves de Almeida for his contribution!

• Updated Simplified Chinese language translation to include all recently added strings. Many thanks to Lkou (Lu Lin) for his effort!

• Implemented low-level database file data caching, which is aimed to accelerate work with huge databases. Though DB speed was already very high, now it's even higher :)

• Improved data storage file self-healing capabilities. We've analyzed some most common disk crashes, and discovered that it's possible to recover even very uneasy cases by recovering data storage structure. Basically this fixing is automatic, once something is detected the app repairs a data file. Also it's possible to launch database data integrity check by holding keys Ctrl+Alt+Shift pressed on app startup, hope you'll never need it ;)

• Improved image quality for downsized images, previously it was too rough to achieve better performance, now it's enhanced to made downsized text reading easier.

• Added new keyboard shortcuts - Ctrl+Shift+H to insert/edit Hyperlink, and Ctrl+Shift+V to call Paste Special window. Previously keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+V was used for pasting text unformatted, it's still there, just changed to Chtr+Alt+Shift+V.

• Fixed minor issue due to which First Start Wizard wasn't detecting Windows language correctly and offering English by default, it was the case for following languages: Italian, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Japanese, UK English, Serbian, Slovenian, and Amharic.

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