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What's new in Version 2.52

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.52

Release date: November 3, 2011 - 13 years ago

• You can quickly create hyperlinks to a local file by Drag & Drop files from Explorer to Note Editor in AllMyNotes, and keeping Ctrl key pressed. Note: if to do not keep Ctrl key pressed the file will attached to the document.

• Significantly improved quality of scaled images, now text are much more readable as we are using new image scaling algorithm that are almost as fast as old one, and produces better result.

• Improved printing. Now you can print out whole Hierarchy Tree outline structure - with indentation, coloring, icons, everything is there. If you want to print out hierarchy, select a root folder (or any other folder, if you need only its content) make sure to put a checkbox on "Print Captions Only" option, and that's it!

• Optimized printing to use less memory when printing a lot of graphics. On printing big hierarchies that involve lots of graphic it's very noticeable - works faster, and lower "out of memory" chance. However, need to remember, if you have really huge amount of data, it still may require printing out in portions, not all your documents at once.

• Updated/revised Portuguese Brazilian localization, thank Milton Chaves de Almeida for this translation.

Fixed crash on printing notes which contained huge images, the issue was introduced in version 2.51.

• Fixed repeating "Monthly by Date" alarm handling, cause it was handled as "Monthly by Week Day", which was wrong.

• Fixed error with mouse click on window title while it's inactive - when it was partially overlapped by other windows the window wasn't brought to the top of other windows. The problem was specific to title bar only, was needed to click on any other window element (ex: window frame, menu/toolbar, e.g.) to bring window to the top-most position.

Fixed crash when opening notes containing images and created in older versions of AllMyNotes, this issue was very rare, but still happening in version 2.51.

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