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  What's new in Version 2.53 

    AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.53

    Release date: November 25, 2011 - 10 years ago

• New feature: Drag&Drop of multiple file attachments and images from AllMyNotes to Explorer, or any other app, like e-mail client (to attach them). Previously was needed to import each image/file individually using right-click -> Save As menu, which was a much longer way.

• New feature: Drag&Drop multple files from Explorer to hierarchy tree in AllMyNotes. It simplifies file Importing. Supported file formats: html, rtf, txt, knt, enex, csv, gif, jpeg, and bmp. Unsupported files will be inserted as file attachments.

• New feature: Drag&Drop files from AllMyNotes hierarchy tree to Windows Explorer, or any other app, like e-mail client (to attach them). Like this you can export Notes to as html files with single mouse move.

• Slightly improved hyperlink editor to generate displayed text out of local file hyperlink smarter, no path, extension and surrounding quotes, it's more readable like this.

• On automatic new line checkbox insertion (bullet-list mode) new checkboxes are unchecked now. Previously it was inheriting checkbox state from previous text line, which seems to be incorrect by logic.

• Fixed bug in HTML parser which was preventing some CSS styles where not recognized properly. Particularly, on pasting Tables from Excel, cell borders and colors where stripped out.

• Fixed minor issue with backups made via File -> Preferences -> Backups where added to Recent Files menu. Backups are not supposed to be added to that list.

• Fixed bug with Drag&Drop files from Explorer to Note editor. It was specific to Windows 7, and was working correctly in other Windows versions.

• Fixed issue with launching hyperlinks to local files, it wasn't working if hyperlink was surrounded with double-quotes for some browsers.

• Greatly improved error handling. Particularly, we've added a huge amount of generic errors handling routines, thanks to which, even unexpected kind of errors will be handled more elegantly, with no error messages to the end user. BTW, AllMyNotes is very reliable/stable app, with this improvement we had no aim to fix something particular, as there was no known issues up to the moment, but why not to make it even better? :)

• Fixed "Error occurred on loading root folder" error. We've analyzed the reasons that could cause it (normally, abnormal USB media ejection, or app/windows crash), and implemented automatic detection and repairing of this kind of error and also similar types of data corruption, when part of database is incorrectly written to the disk, we can recover it in majority of cases. Most importantly, it's all is done in background, transparently to the end user.

• Few other minor updates and corrections, including these features which where already partially done in version 2.53 beta.

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