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  What's new in Version 2.54 

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.54

Release date: December 15, 2011

• Added translation to Latvian language! Muchly thanks to Janis Zunda for his help!

• We've started to work on Arabic localization, despite it's not finished, but many strings already localized, so we wanted to share it asap, while rest of the localization will be done soon.

• Slightly updated Brazilian translation. Many thanks to Milton Chaves de Almeida for his translation!

• Improved import from the Info Select: (1) ticklers are automatically recognized as Alarms, (2) as various version of Info Select had different markups for note delimiters, AllMyNotes is now able to automatically detect them all, while previously some tweaking with .ini file was needed.

• Added possibility to launch hyperlinks by double-click. It was working this way in older versions already, but due conflicts with some other functionality it was switched to Ctrl+Clcik, now both - Ctrl+Click, and Double-Click will work for launching hyperlinks.

• Fixed bug with .ddb file corruption as result of incorrect USB ejection. It could happen that note text was written, while folder registration was incomplete. As result, the note was lost (an extremely rare case). So now we have a way to make AllMyNotes to search for lost notes/folders (unregistered in hierarchy). To initialize it need to keep pressed the Shift on AllMyNotes startup. Also, Shift key is doing many other file integrity checks and fixing.

• Updated English spell checking dictionary.

Fixed the Spell Checker issue - on some systems it wasn't working in version 2.53

• Fixed error with importing/pasting html-formatted text if it included style tag within html body.

• Fixed error with importing hyperlinks from HTML - sometimes an extra double-quote was added to the end of the URL.

• Fixed issue with Split Table Cells feature - a menu item with such option wasn't appearing on right-click on merged cell if to select only one table cell.

• Fixed file:// hyperlinks - after pasting such links in to MS-Word extra http:// was added, which was wrong.

• Lots of more small refinements and corrections to improve your notetaking experience.


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