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What's new in Version 2.57

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.57

Release date: January 25, 2012 - 12 years ago

• Implemented auto-focusing on selected tree item on app start-up and on resizing main window, which is really useful when many tree items is displayed and selected item is far from the top.

• Introduced "AllMyNotes" folder (in "My Documents"), it will be used for new file creations, and, for storing the configuration .ini file. By storing the .ini file there we are addressing the issue with saving config changes on computers with too tight security settings, were only a creator app could access it, and, on upgrade the app couldn't save config changes as new app version wasn't considered as an original creator app. Note: this change is specific to Desktop version only (Portable saves data as before - in the same folder with .exe).

Improved Export to .rtf and .html formats - folder and note titles are displayed in more friendlier format, with item type (note/folder) icon.

• Updated some strings in French translation, thanks to Laurent Leber for sending his observations.

• Fixed bug in exporting trees using File -> Export menu item - if one of nested notes contained a table at very first text line, all preceding notes were placed in to that table. It looks like it was a rare case, but still...

• Fixed screen refresh issue in UI. Particularly it was noticeable that selection in hierarchy tree wasn't reflected immediately on selecting folders and filtering mode was turned on, also some other places were concerned.

Fixed window min/max buttons coloring in some skin themes, for example it was a case in "Holy Crown - Green" theme.

• Fixed two things in import from KNT format: (1) correctly recognized plain-text note body format, fixed import of some oddly formatted RTF documents.

• Few additional small application updates and fixes to your notewriting experience.

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