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  What's new in Version 2.58 

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.58

Release date: February 23, 2012

• Added experimental Danish translation. Yet it's incomplete, though as all major texts are covered we've decided to release it. By the way, if you know Danish language, your help to finalize the localization would be very welcome!

• Fixed pasting images to Thunderbird from AllMyNotes via the clipboard, also, in some cases, a hidden html header text was pasted, which is an unwanted behavior.

• Fixed error with clipping images from WikiPedia (the issue is specific exclusively to Internet Explorer), some images where simply missing because images had incorrect '//' header prefix instead of 'http://', and, in worst case pasting operation was greatly delayed, cause the app was looking for images in the local network rather than in the web.

• Fixed number of issues with pasting and importing HTML documents. Particularly, in some cases the <SCRIPT> tag wasn't omitted correctly, and, as result, it was pasting JavaScripts as a text.

• Fixed auto-highlighting in the Spell Checker, for very long paragraphs it wasn't scrolling all the way down, and as result it wasn't possible to see highlighted word at one.

• Fixed Alt+Space keyboard shortcut, it should show Window's pop-up menu, while when certain controls where in focus it wasn't working. Was the case in: Hierarchy Tree view, Global Search results list, URL hyperlink control, calendar control, and toolbar customization list.

• Fixed issue in Replace Text window - if replace by text was empty, the Replace button wasn't active, which is not a correct behavior.

• Couple of other tiny improvements and corrections.

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