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  What's new in Version 2.61 

    AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.61

    Release date: April 25, 2012 - 9 years ago

• New: Norwegian language localization, it includes all major strings, only few minor strings are still missing.

• New: Arabic language translation! Muchly thanks to Rania El Gazzar for it!

• Greatly updated Czech translation - many new strings that where missing are added, also old strings where revised. Muchly thanks to Jozef Klinga for his contribution!

• Updated Russian and Ukrainian language translations to include all recently added strings.

• Added menu item to empty recycled bin folder - "Empty 'Recycle Bin' folder", in right-click pop-up menus in Hierarchy Tree and Folder View.

• AllMyNotes is no longer checking the .exe file integrity against unauthorized third-party modifications using the codesigning certificate (Windows was connecting to, the authority which issued our certificate, to check it, which scared some suspicious users). We've implemented a new way to do it, which requires no Internet connectivity.

• Fixed issue with deleting expanding folder content - right hand Folder view was updated with slight delay and therefore a false feeling that data wasn't actually deleted was given to the user.

• Fixed error with dialing phones using Skype or any other VoIP providers - for some combination of browsers (as VoIP calls are handled via browser's "callto:" command) and phone number formats it wasn't working.

• Couple of additional minor application updates and corrections.


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