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  What's new in Version 2.63 

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.63

Release date: June 21, 2012



Improved Holy Crown skin appearance (the default skin and all sub-themes) - new toolbar buttons, added rounded corner effect to edit controls, lists, scroll bars, improved selection bar appearance, buttons + many other minor refinements.

• Greatly updated Danish localization. Muchly thanks to Bent Munch for his effort!

• Updated Brazilian Portuguese localization. Thank to Milton Chaves de Almeida.

• File name is indicated in the taskbar in the first place, as was suggested here

• Printing window now remembers last printer settings even between program restarts.

• Improved Tab key handling when typing/renaming Note caption, now it immediately passes focus to the text editor area. Reported on the forum.

• Implemented Click.To support to enable even better clipping, added command line key - /PasteClipboard . Reported on the forum - read this forum topic for details



• Fixed bug with exporting data from AllMyNotes - captions where missing (the issue appeared in recent app version 2.62 only).

• Fixed bug with issue with importing from big .KNT files - in some cases random notes could be missing.

• Fixed bug with printing big amount of notes and scale ratio was set to more than 150%. In some rare cases the app could go in to a dead loop.

• Couple of additional small app refinements and fixes to make your note-taking experience better.


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