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What's new in Version 2.82

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.82

Release date: December 17, 2014 - 9 years ago


• Added Catalan language. Translation performed by Xavier Colome.

• Revised and updated to include recent strings Spanish language translation. Thanks to Xavier Colome for this work!

• Updated Polish language translation (Sebastian Pieczynski).

• Added Swedish spell-checking dictionary, available for download from our Dictionary Library.

• Added keyboard shortcuts to Uppercase, Lowercase, and Mixed-case selected text. Ctrl+Alt+U or Ctrl+Shift+U for Uppercase, Ctrl+Shift+D for Lowercase, Ctrl+Alt+T for Mixedcase.

• Added new keyboard shortcuts to select font (Ctrl+Shift+F), pick font size (Ctrl+Shift+P), Ctrl+ and Ctrl+ to increase/decrease font size (especially needed for German users, as German keyboard < and > characters are on the same key, so old keyboard shortcut wasn't working for them.

• Updated code-signing certificate. The certificated which was used for signing version 2.81 has expired already, so on some strict security configurations OS was preventing app installation.

Resolved issues:

• Fixed issue with painting Bold toolbar button (it looks like B letter) - in pressed stage it had no background.

• Fixed issue with saving attachments to disk - certain characters were lost in the file name.

• Fixed issue with Strikethrough effect was lost on import from HTML (from .html files) and Evernote (.enex files).

• Fixed couple of issues with importing HTML and pasting text from the browser, particularly improved CSS stylesheet parser and also there was an issue with <a> and <li> tags combination that could lead to incorrect final text formatting.

• Fixed bug with pasting Japanese text from some browsers.

• Few other tiny refinements and fixes.

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