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What's new in Version 2.85

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.85

Release date: December 1, 2016 - 8 years ago


• This app version is created using brand new set of compiler tools and libraries. We've upgraded the project to Visual Studio C++ 2015 (previously it was VC++ 2005, which represents 10 years of difference!), including all set of third-party library updates, such as PNG lib and ZLib, as well as many other system-related dependencies. Was added better support to Windows 10 (though it was already totally supported), but as a side effect we had to abandon Windows 2000 support as it's way too outdated and current version of Visual C++ libs are not compatible with it.

• Greatly updated Korean language translation, done by Choi Sang Hoon.

• Updated codesigning certificate, as old one expired recently.

• Improved file attachment icons look, and in all skins they look better, with nice alpha-transparency effects.

• Improved checkboxes look in the text editor and in all app windows in skin Deep and all related themes.

• All alarm sounds stop playing on dismissing, snoozing, opening alarms.


• Fixed issue with typing @ character on Hungarian keyboard.

• Fixed high DPI issue on Win 10

• Fixed issue with Undo on restoring image size to default (previously image resizing wasn't recorded for this kind of operation)

• Fixed issue with Image resizing - the toolbar's Undo button wasn't updated to indicate that it's possible to undo this operation.

• Fixed issue with some app preferences being set to random valued on very, very rare occasions.

• Fixed issue with maximizing resizable windows on multi-monitor systems, in some rare cases windows could be expanded to slightly bigger area than monitor size is, which is incorrect. It looks like the issue is driver-specific, but after all we've managed it and all works correctly now.

• Fixed issue with changing skin in real-time (without restarting the app), in the note text editor some object sizes were remaining from old skin which could lead to short-term incorrect displaying of edited text content.

Huge amount of tiny refinements and corrections.

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