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What's new in Version 3.17

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 3.17

Release date: April 10, 2017 - 7 years ago


• Greatly improved skin Deep. Many graphical elements have been updated, if you are using this skin, you'll notice it immediately. If you are using other skin, we encourage you to see new skin Deep, it's really nice :)

• Added menu item to search for selected text in the Internet. By default it uses Google search engine, but you can change select different search engine via Tools -> Options -> Tools -> Internet -> Internet Search Service. Note: this feature is available in Deluxe edition only.

Improved export of alarms in plain text and HTML formats.

• Free edition licenses for version version 1 and 2 are now accepted by version 3.

Optimized performance on working with texts that contain huge file attachments.

• Improved export to .txt format. Now we support UTF8 encoding, which assures respect of all national encodings and compatibility with major plain text editors.

Improved upgrade procedure, for users that have Deluxe licenses more explanations are given how to upgrade their licenses and/or to downgrade to version 2.xx to benefit from their Deluxe licenses if they prefer to stay with version 2.

Corrected issues:

• Fixed issue in the password generator, it wasn't working in version 3.16. The issue was specific for version 3.16 only.

• Fixed issue with .ddb file associations, it wasn't working for some OS configurations on latest Windows versions, we had to remove this option from Tools -> Options screen and moved it on the installer, now all should work correctly, this is especially useful features if you want to launch multiple instances of AllMyNotes simultaneously.

• Few additional small refinements and corrections.

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