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What's new in Version 3.20

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 3.20

Release date: September 11, 2017 - 7 years ago


• Added menu item "View", now you can show/hide toolbars and status bar in main app window.

• Updated default skin Holy Crown, particularly changed the toolbar look in the text editor, also there is some other minor changes.

• The toolbar in the text editor toolbar is now customizable.

• Greatly improved handling of sudden USB drive removal, or network drive disconnection. The program is able to handle a number of complex scenarios, for instance, it asks the user to plug removed media back, and, once done, can safely complete all data saving operations. In many cases it even shows no notifications, for example, if the media is already plugged in back, the program transparently to the user restores file access and keeps working without any issues.

• Updated simplified (mainland) Chinese translation. Many thanks to Lkou Lu Lin for this update.

• Updated Turkish translation. The update is performed Batur Turabim.

• Changed allmynotes.log file location from Program Files to the folder where documents are stored (for Desktop edition it's My Documents -> AllMyNotes folder), to avoid file access permission issue on latest Windows versions.


• Fixed issue with file access restrictions on program upgrade. On some systems with strict administrative restrictions only the app which created the file was able to work with it, the upgrade of app executable was breaking file access privileges and for the end user was need to restore file access, which was bit complicated for inexperienced users. Now the installer will do it automatically as it works with elevated admin privileges, it will be able to preserve file access privileges correctly. Please note: as a result of this fix, file access permissions will be set to current user. If you want to share your data file among other Windows accounts, please make sure to adjust file access permissions for your needs manually.

• Fixed issue with main toolbar status after resetting it to default state, all buttons were turned to enabled state, while some of them were supposed to be disabled.

• Couple of other tiny updates and corrections.

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