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  What's new in Version 3.30 

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 3.30

Release date: June 27, 2019



• Updated Spanish localization to include new strings and corrected some old translations. Many thanks to Carlos Rodríguez Carro for this work.

• Improved smooth scrolling, we've made issues with screen refresh speed to avoid flickering (on slow machines).

• The program should work better on Linux and Mac (AllMyNotes Organizer works there just as native app in Wine mode), we've made few minor tweaks to make it work better on Wine environment.

• Implemented few file access performance enhancements. Though our database performance is already exceptionally good, we've added additional improvements to caching system which makes random disk access smarter (less seek operations).

Lite edition shows less information about Deluxe edition, we've removed number of notification and informational messages.



• We've made file access permission denied error more informative. Previously it was not clear whether file is inaccessible due to restrictive permissions, or, damaged.

• Fixed issue with Font names on exporting to RTF format. In recent version of AllMyNotes all font names where converted to Arial.

• Fixed issue with horizontal line separator, now now it's OK to enter more than 3 hyphens (---) to have them displayed as a horizontal line.

• Couple of more tiny improvements and fixes for your better note saving experience.


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