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What's new in Version 3.34

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 3.34

Release date: May 7, 2020 - 4 years ago


• Search for text now seeks in Alarm descriptions. It works for all kind of alarms - within text and these which are associated to tree item (displayed next to note description text).

• Improved High DPI monitors support. Now, AllMyNotes is launched in non-blurred mode. Yet for really high DPI monitors might be needed to increase font size manually

• Implemented search result highlighting. Actually it was already working in the past, but do to a conflict with another feature it was disabled. Now it's back to normal state and works as expected :)


• Fixed issue with window snapping keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10 - was reported on the forum

• Fixed issue in some localized error messages - in some cases, it wasn't displaying correctly all the information related to an issue.

• Couple of additional tiny program refinements and fixes.

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