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What's new in Version 4.00 (beta)

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 4.00 (beta)

Release date: March 19, 2019 - 5 years ago


• Totally reworked HTML parser which is used on Web-clipping and importing from HTML. Now AllMyNotes respects much broader set of CSS styles and recent additions to HTML format. Particularly, you'll easily notice much better results on pasting from the Web when it comes to font names (if font name is not installed in the system AllMyNotes can find closest match), much smarter work with background coloring, generic text/spacing/line breaks formatting, much better work with Table formatting (particularly, WikiPedia tables), fixed number of issues with localized URLs, fixed number of issued with fetching images from the web, etc. etc.

• Updated Norwegian language localization. many thanks to Tor Sverstad for his effort.

• Implemented automatic splitting of imported notes when importing from HTML and RTF formats.

• Much improved import from InfoSelect. As since recently InfoSelect supports export to RTF format we can now import with saving text formatting and images, which makes data transition pretty smooth :)

• Improved data importing of data exported by AllMyNotes itself, works much better now - previously there was no automatic splitting to notes. Better import from data exported using AllMyNotes.

• Few minor improvements in automatic data synchronization algorithm.

• Implemented few enhancements related to allocation to huge memory blocks in 64-bit edition. Now, when the system is not able to allocate big linear memory block, AllMyNotes can split data block to few smaller memory blocks which allows allocation of much bigger data volumes on systems with heavily fragmented RAM.


• Fixed issue with incorrect displaying of some .png image files - color palette of some 8-bit encoded images was incorrect.

• Fixed issue with Portuguese spell-checker, the error was in dictionary file. If you are checking spelling in this language make sure to re-download dictionary file here

• Some other various refinements and fixes.

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