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What's new in Version 4.07 (beta)

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 4.07 (beta)

Release date: April 28, 2021 - 3 years ago


• Improved automatic backups - as this process may require a lot of system resources for big data files, AllMyNotes now will do them in time of inactivity, when user is not typing text and even not interacting with the program with a mouse for some time. Also, automatic backups will be delayed for at least 5 minutes after program launch time, this will also fixes issue with backuping to LAN/NAS storage on Windows startup - these drives are being mounted with some delay.

Less messages on initial startup are shown - check for updates and Deluxe edition trial expiration warnings are delayed until inactivity time.


• Fixed issue with keyboard shortcuts conflict. Particularly, some keyboard shortcuts for switching Virtual Desktops (ex: Win+Ctrl+Left/Right arrows) where not working when AllMyNotes has input focus.

• Some other minor updates and fixes.

Mar 29, 2021 - Version 4.06 build 1243 (beta):


• Fixed issue in Sound Themes - sounds was not playing on some cases after period use until next program restart.

• Fixed crash on program startup - the program could randomly quit without any error message on startup. Luckily it was happening occasionally so majority of users where not affecter or managed to launch it from second attempt.

• Fixed issue with data defragmentation. At some point there was a condition when defragmentation was not able some complex scenarios and stopped. As result data file defragmentation was not working for some users, mainly for old heavily fragmented files.

• Fixed issue in uppercase/lowercase/mixedcase feature. One extra char in the end of selection was affected.

• Some other minor updates and fixes.

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