AllMyNotes Organizer - your personal info manager.

Introducing the comfortable way to keep Information organized on your PC.

Storing Notes, Thoughts, and Diaries in the list or tree strcuture is a pure pleasure with AllMyNotes Organizer :)

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Easy and Awesome.

Our objective: no hassle features and easy, attractive look. Focus on doing your memos, not searching manual.


Secure Encryption.

All your valuable notes are protected from everyone - set a password for your notes, and All My Notes Organizer will encode it with the 1800-bit key.



Instant search. Blazing-fast database-driven storage technology. Export to Rich-Text, HTML, and plain text. Multilingual, Skined UI.

AllMyNotes Organizer - the best InfoSelect alternative program - Screenshots

Seek no further!

Googling for easy in use Project-Management app out there? Or, you want to store your passwords locked from for your eyes only? You\'ve found what you are looking for, the Outliner PC program - AllMyNotes Organizer!

AllMyNotes Organizer is done to be good Outliner program on PC, a secure OneNote alternative, safe WikiPad alternative, with breath-catching outstanding UI, with ability to lock your personal information strongly encrypted under access code! Like this you will stay safe when typing your most vulnerable private data, ideas, journal, keeping access codes!

AllMyNotes Organizer - Features

AllMyNotes Organizer - Features

System Requirements:

Windows XP and higher versions - 11 (new!)/10/8/7/Vista/XP, compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Works under Linux and Mac (Wine-like environment required).

AllMyNotes Organizer app

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