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How to Dial a Phone


We do not restrict you with fields and forms. Using AllMyNotes Organizer you can type phone number anywhere in the text, and dial it by Ctrl+Click on it, as simple as that!

To manually enter a Phone Number into AllMyNotes Organizer

1. Select or Create the Note where you want to enter the phone number into AllMyNotes Organizer. This might be a Note containing other phones and web addresses or the Note you have established for that person or company.

2. Type the full phone number, including country code in the format +1-(403)-433-7777. The phone number will be underlined automatically.

You can edit an underlined phone number just as a regular text.

To Dial a phone number stored in the text of a Note

1. Press Ctrl button and hold it.

2. Move the mouse pointer over the phone number. The cursor will change to a hand.

3. Click the left mouse button (Ctrl+Click).

4. In appeared confirmation window select desired call provider - TAPI (dials using your hardware line and the modem), or Skype/NetMeeting (call over Internet, using your system's default VOiP provider).

5. Press Dial button.

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