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How to use with Internet, Hyperlinks


As you surf the Internet, you may collect web addresses, email, phone numbers, and local files you want to remember. Web addresses, such as, are easy to paste into AllMyNotes Organizer for safekeeping and organizing. You might want to organize a web address for a company along with notes about that company.

You can manually enter an URL into AllMyNotes Organizer. For example, you may get an address during a phone call and want to store it.

To manually enter a hyperlink into AllMyNotes Organizer

1. Select or Create the Note where you want to enter a hyperlink. It might be a Note containing other web addresses or a Note you have established for a person or a company.

2. Type the full web address in the format, or an email address in the format user@host.domain. Web addresses can begin with http://, ftp://, file://, link://, www., etc. The address will be underlined automatically.

You can edit an underlined web or email address just as a regular text.

To create a hyperlink behind a regular text

You can also create a hyperlink to web URL, email, or local file behind a regular text, so it will look like an underlined text and when you double-click on it, a hyperlink will be launched.

1. Select or Create the Note where you want to enter a hyperlink.

2. Select/highlight typed text you want to act as a hyperlink.

3. Press keyboard shortcut Ctrl+K. A dialog box to edit hyperlink and displayed text will appear.

To direct your browser to a hyperlink stored in the text of a Note

1. Press Ctrl button and hold it.

2. Move the mouse pointer over the web address. The cursor will change to a hand.

3. Click the left mouse button (Ctrl+Click).

This feature is supported by any browser which is registered in your system as default browser.

Supported hyperlink types

Hyperlink to a web-page (URL): or simply (double-click leads to web-browser launch with this URL)

Hyperlink to a file placed on FTP server: (double-click will command your browser to download that file)

Email: (double-click sends new e-mail to this recipient)

Phone: +1-(408)-777-1212 (double-click initiates a phone call)

Local file hyperlink: file://c:/windows/system32/calc.exe (double-click executes a file)

Local folder hyperlink: file://c:/windows/system32/ (double-click opens Folder in File Explorer)

Link to another note/folder within AllMyNotes Organizer: link://My Data\Contacts (double-click opens up that note/folder)

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