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What's new in Version 2.59

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.59

Release date: March 14, 2012 - 12 years ago

• Improved scrollbars appearance in all skins/themes - now all the scroll-bars are noticeably darker, so it's easier to see current scroll position.

• Improved the Text Editor to handle text formatting better. Particularly, thee was some inconsistency comparing to other text editors, like MS-Word, on handling formatting changes in the end of a text line. Also, after inserting Checkboxes, Alarms, Images, and File Attachments some of text formatting was taken from a text before inserted object, whine need also need to apply formatting to non-textual text elements too. Reported on the forum

URLs/Phones/e-mails in the hierarchy tree caption are now clickable when in caption edit mode.

• Added new keyboard shortcut to rename selected folder/note in the outline tree - the Space key (in addition to previous F2 key).

• Improved auto Scrolling on Find Next/Prev text. Now, if searched text is outside of the screen, on auto-scrolling to it, also show few following/preceding text lines, it increases text readability.

• On resizing table columns AllMyNotes now show all borders in default color, to give a clear look to the table structure. This is especially useful when resizing a table with all transparent borders.

• Fixed bug with System/User default language settings in the Control Panel - if these settings were different AllMyNotes was handling some sorting routines incorrectly. Also, it was a very rare case, but it was happening that some UI strings were blank. Mast frequent case when it happening - on changing Windows Locale setting in the Control Panel without rebooting a PC.

• Fixed issue with importing data from .txt and .knt files, some accented characters were imported incorrectly, as these file formats are in Ascii, language encoding wasn't detected always right. Reported on the forum

• Fixed bug with deleting selected text in merged table cells. Reported on the forum

• Fixed crash on app startup, which was caused by a very rare configuration (.ini) file corruption.

• Few more minor application refinements and corrections to make your notewriting experience better.

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