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What's new in Version 2.68

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.68

Release date: December 20, 2012 - 11 years ago


• Enhanced Sorting of Rich Text Objects (ex: checkboxes, alarms, images, attachments), which, for instance, is handy for sorting tables by completion (by checkbox status), or by alarm (alarm date is taken in to account allowing to sort table rows by associated alarm time, e.g.

Enhanced web-clipping (by copy-pasting and drag and drop from the browser app), extended support of secure HTTPS protocol, now images and web-objects are properly carried to the app. Also, greatly accelerated images pasting from web-browsers, particularly, by caching previously loaded images, and loading multiple images in the background simultaneously.

• Added option to add original URL (if available in the clipboard) for pasted and dropped text, works for all major browsers - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, all, except Opera, which, currently, doesn't support any sort rich-text exporting. Note: this option slows down web-clipping, as the app connects to the source server by retrieving source page title, therefore this option is disabled by default. See Options -> Tools -> Internet screen to enable it. inquired on the forum


• Skin theme "Holy Crown - Coffee" renamed (was "Cofee", by mistake). Not a big deal actually, though, if it's your favorite skin, after the upgrade just re-select the skin - due to the name change.

• Fixed couple of bugs with web-clipping and importing text from HTML files, particularly, the issue with importing checkboxes. A squire braces were placed after each checkbox by error.

• Fixed bug with moving text lines, if it was the only change applied to the text, this change wasn't saved to the DB file. This bug was posted on the forum

• Couple of other tiny refinements and fixes for better note-taking experience.

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