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  What's new in Version 2.70 

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.70

Release date: March 5, 2013



• Greatly updated and revised Danish language translation. The translation is done by Christian Krogh!

• Updated Polish language translation to include recently added strings. Muchly thanks to Sebastian Pieczynski for his effort!

• Updated Chinese language localization to include recently introduced texts. The localization is done by Rujun Jiang!

• Updated Brazilian Portuguese localization. The translation is performed by Milton Chaves de Almeida!

• Updated Danish language localization - fixed some technical issues in version released in last app release.

• Updated Russian and Ukrainian language translations to include all recently added strings.

• New feature: Animated Caret Position Highlighting, which greatly eases locating text input position for the user. Works on passing focus to the text editor, and, in some other cases, particularly, when the new caret position is too distant from the old one. Note: this feature works only when the system is able to provide enough free CPU resources to enable flicker-free animation. Posted at the forum.

• Added option to make Table borders transparent (no color), reported here.

• Updated manual to include additional/alternative data importing steps from InfoSelect . Described on the Forum.

• Enhanced export from Evernote, note creation date is being parsed/extracted in AllMyNotes.


Resolved issues:

• Fixed crash on viewing some password-protected folders. The issue was introduced in previous version 2.69

• Fixed issue with crash and slowness on pasting huge pieces of plain text from other software titles via clipboard.

• Couple of more minor refinements and fixes.


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