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What's new in Version 4.10 (beta)

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 4.10 (beta)

Release date: September 16, 2022 - 2 years ago

Beta update, includes a cumulative set of updates from parallel version 3.xx, and, testing of major two new feature which are now under testing phase: synchronization and new 64-bit edition, both features are not included in the stable version yet.


• Added Esperanto localization! Many thanks to Dmitriy Popov for this effort!

• Many-many improvements in HTML/CSS parser, which is involved in copy/paste and dragl&drop from browsers and third-party programs related to preserving original formating as close to original as possible.

• Includes an update of Windows Platform SDK, compiled using new version of Visual Studio, which includes some additional optimizations, fixes, and security enhancements.

• Export of images and attached files within exported HTML files is working better. The link from exported HTML file is relative to HTML file (previously it was absolute file path). Relative file path allows easy relocation of exported files to any other folder/disk without loosing link between files.

• Improved installer/downloader stub is also switched, it got smaller and a little bit smarter.

• Slightly reduced CPU usage when rendering text in text editor.

• Includes cumulative update on all recent SDKs we rely on - PNG, Jpeg, Spell checking libraries, and some others.

• Improved pasting and Drag > Drop HTML text from web-browsers from pages with excessive CSS formatting, more formatting is recognized, which improves quality of pasted text.

• Added new, privacy-oriented, search engine Qwant to the list of suggested search providers (can be selected via Tools -> Options -> Tools -> Internet -> Search Engine Service).

• Improved undo/redo memory management efficiency - it releases old (unused) big data blocks (ex: images, big file attachments) if not used for long time. Since version 3.44 undo/redo buffer is saved on switching between notes, and, as result, it may get quite big. This enhancement is aimed to make memory usage even more robust and savvy.


• Fixed issue in the Boolean Search feature (in Global search) - it could find words that are actually parts of other words even when "Match Whole Word Only" option was enabled.

• Fixed issue with saving Deluxe activation codes on some systems with tight OS security settings (when no access tot he registry was permitted).

• Fixed installer, in Windows Vesta, 7, 8 (possibly also XP) it was not remembering old installation path, which was introducing inconveniences for users who upgrade and the installation folder is different from default one.

• Fixed issue with re-painting text editor in some circumstances (particularly, on scrolling big tables).

• Fixed issue with preventing Windows from automatic sleep mode by inactivity when list of active alarms was active on systems previous to Windows 10.

• Fixed issue with saving preferences on some system configurations.

• Fixed issue with slow search in huge databases - increased text cache size so less I/O operations is performed.

• Fixed issue in check for updates. On older systems there could be an error with establishing secure SSL connection as some systems where missing new root certificates, and, as result, check for updates was not working there.

• Some other updates and fixes.

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